Townhomes Kellyville

‘Townhomes on Lavender’ is a modern and exclusive multi-dwelling complex consisting of 18 unique townhomes conveniently located in the sought-after Hills District.

House and Land Kellyville | Worthington Homes
Dual Occupancy Homes | Worthington Homes

Duplex Schofields

Designed and built for medium-density living, the project involved building eight different duplex homes in Schofields on Locosi Street and Westminster Street.

Knockdown Rebuild Baulkham Hills

On Geraldine Avenue in Baulkham Hills, Worthington knocked down a single-storey 70’s brick house and designed a double-storey 5 bed, 3 bath, 2 car house to accommodate a family throughout all stages of life.

Knockdown Rebuild | Worthington Homes