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Take a look at the Colorbond® steel exterior palette story inspired by thoughts of strength and hopefulness for the future.


Last year, Australians were hit hard by the impact of the bushfires, COVID-19 outbreak and economic recession, making 2020 difficult for many. With most of the hardship behind us and a wind of optimism over what 2021 may bring, Colorbond® steel has put together a palette story signifying strength and hopefulness for the future.

Appearing in fashion, soft furnishings and interior finishes are the Pantone Color Institute’s pantone colours for 2021 – ‘Ultimate Gray’ and ‘Illuminating’. Giving us fresh perspective and a renewed sense of hope for the year, the Colorbond exterior palette story inspired by Pantone gives a sense of dependability, solidity and endurance.

BlueScope Steel Design & Colour Consultant Christine says, “Working their way into the broader Australian home design concept are the enduring Colorbond steel greys: Basalt®, Windspray® and Shale Grey™. As a backdrop against the perfect pop of colour, our exterior palette helps bring together a feeling of brightness and optimism.”


Brighter, lighter and fresher colour schemes

Whether it be roofing or walling, interior or exterior, new trends are emerging in house design. On-trend for 2021 are botanic palettes, natural hues and matt finishes. Making their way into the latest styling shows and social feeds are earthy tones that reflect nature (think greys and greens), offering the best of both classic and contemporary aesthetics.

“When building your house, you’re not just creating a home for your family and friends,” explains Christine. “You’re also creating a testament to your own taste, which is a highly personal process. Therefore, what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in terms of colour is rather subjective.”

While there are no hard rules when it comes to choosing the right colour, there are basic principles to follow.

Lighter and fresher shades complemented with an eye-catching splash of vibrant colour can help personalise your home, which is important when building your ‘forever’ home. Applying a minimalist ‘natural on natural’ monochrome scheme beyond the stark contrast of black and white can add layers of depth and boldness without being too dramatic.

Christine also suggests looking to the natural surrounding landscape as a great source of inspiration.

“Whether you’re building by the seaside, are on acreage in regional Australia or live in a high-density urban dwelling, look to nature for cues. Any surrounding oceans, mountains, animals and botanical life can all help inspire your own personal colour choice.”

Adding matt to the mix also adds a nice dynamic. When it comes to the exterior, matt finishes have taken a huge uptake in popularity. Offering a warm yet luxurious feel, matt effectively diffuses light to give a subtle contemporary effect.

“Colorbond steel have a matt palette suitable for all design tastes,” Christine says. “Surfmist® and Dune® are ideal for coastal homes, Shale Grey™ and Basalt® suit country living and Monument® is great for modern cityscapes.”


Tested in some of Australia’s harshest environments

Since 1966, Colorbond steel has been tested by scientists in laboratory simulations and real in-field sites around Australia. Continual testing and evaluation are undertaken to ensure Colorbond® steel offers optimal performance for the unique Australian environment.

“Whether we build a contemporary or classic home, the criteria for selection are the same,” explains Worthington Homes managing director Liam Worthington.

“The roof is the largest and most visible part of the exterior, which is why Worthington Homes are adamant about the product selection process. Being a preferred choice for roofing, gutters, fascia’s and garage doors, Colorbond steel is optimal for reflecting and deflecting heat.”

Building with high-quality materials is pinnacle to delivering a final product that’s going to stand the test of time in all weather conditions. Given Australia’s tendency towards harsher climates and risk of bushfires, a steel roof is an excellent choice. Clients get a highly durable weather-proof roof that not only is long-lasting but also looks aesthetically pleasing.

Council restrictions and development design guidelines also come into play, often determining what exterior materials and colours can be incorporated into the façade. Many clients need to style their façade so it falls within guidelines and is coherent in a new estate. Still, new home builders also want to showcase something unique in the neighbourhood.

Home design requirements can vary around greater Sydney, depending on municipalities and their development plans. Though colour trends are always changing, thanks to a network of expert colour consultants, Worthington Homes are kept up to date.

Liam says, “There are residential, dual, multi-dwelling and medium density building projects happening all around pockets of Sydney, requiring an extensive amount of knowledge. We’re confident in our pre-construction experience from the streetscape to urban design, site requirements and bushfire hazards, that we can design the exterior and gain council approval.”


‘Made by Australia’ connects COLORBOND® steel and the Australian landscape

With over 50 years’ history in Australia, Colorbond steel has become part of the Australian landscape, which is reflected in its range of stunning colours and finishes that continue to inspire architects, builders and homeowners alike.

To celebrate the depth of connection between Colorbond steel and the breathtaking Aussie landscapes, a new TV commercial was released on January 31, 2021, highlighting the Australian way of life plus the many contrasts in between. ‘Made by Australia’ captures the many ‘parallels’ that exist between Colorbond steel and nature – in its corrugations and modern architectural lines that are found in the surrounding landscapes.

Paired with a modern rendition of ‘Sounds of Then (This is Australia)’, the new TV ad perfectly captures what everyday living and family moments are like in one of the most scenic countries in the world.


To learn more about Colorbond® steel, visit colorbond.com

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