Narrow Block House Designs

Narrow Block House Designs

With our narrow block house designs, you still get a wide variety of choice

Most blocks of land in Sydney are generally narrow by nature, which means finding narrow block house designs can take a little extra time and effort. While large blocks are hard to come by these days and usually carry a high price tag, many of our houses are designed so you can live in your dream home while also maximising your narrow space.

We can build single storey homes and double storey homes on lots as narrow as 7.5m wide while featuring all the inclusions that you need such as an internal garage, alfresco patio area and spacious bedrooms. Just because your block is narrow, it doesn’t mean your choices have to be too!

Our narrow house designs come with a BASIX certificate and are built to Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) requirements, which apply to all residential construction developments in NSW. What this means is your new home will be built with optimum water saving, energy efficiency and thermal comfort for variance in climate.

All new homes can be constructed to be ‘smart home’ ready, which means they can be easily integrated with automated technology systems that allow control over lighting, room temperature, TV/AV connectivity, security and solar power via a smartphone.

Whether you’re a down-sizer, first-time home buyer or even a property developer, we can build a contemporary new home on a narrow size block that ticks all the boxes while also offering great value for money. With a wide range of narrow house designs, new home inclusions, façades and styles to choose from, the possibilities for building on a narrow lot are endless.

Why build with Worthington?

No hidden costs

All costs are calculated upfront, so you will never be stung with hidden site costs and fees.


No suprises

We are 100% transparent throughout the entire building process so you'll always be fully informed.


No gimmicks

Our packages and inclusions are genuine, so you're not paying extra for standard house features.

Value for money

We offer competitive pricing on new homes without compromising on quality and service.

Quality workmanship

We pride ourselves on building beautiful houses with quality interior and exterior finishes.

Open communication

We are a family-owned business, which means you can talk directly to your builder and site manager at any time.

At Worthington Homes, we want your biggest investment to be a happy and positive experience. Plus, we build beautiful new homes that will make a lasting impression.