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Worthington Homes have recently been awarded provisional Gold Level status by Livable Housing Australia by including key enhancements in the house design for better accessibility.


Accessibility and equality are essential in designing a modern house, so residents can feel comfortable, safe and independent in their own homes.

To help all types of potential occupants improve their quality of living, Worthington Homes have included key elements in the design of the Hunter 35, which has been awarded provisional Gold Level by Livable Housing Australia (LHA).

From step-free paths of travel to the dwelling entrance to unimpeded movement between spaces indoors, a Gold Level achievement means those living in the home will have easier access and manoeuvrability throughout the house.

Kitchen and laundries to support ease of movement, stairways that reduce the likelihood of injury, as well as toilets and bathrooms with better access are some of the 12 core design criteria that would meet the needs of the elderly and disabled.

Allowing residents to enjoy independence was also key in the design. Doors can be easily opened and closed while switches, power points and lights are within easy reach.

Generously sized living spaces and an overall larger dimension of the floor plan means residents can easily make their way around the home.

MD Liam Worthington says, “We always want clients to feel they can have a ‘forever’ home that will meet their needs through different life stages. Age and mobility are two things that can easily be forgotten. We are thrilled to be awarded a provisional gold level certification for the Hunter 35 so we can meet the ever-changing needs of an ageing population.”


Raising the benchmark for accessible and equitable design

Livable Housing Australia (LHA) is a not-for-profit partnership connecting the community and consumer groups with government and industry bodies. By advocating for policy and regulation, LHA delivers industry-leading building standards, raising the benchmark in equitable home design.

With the aim to develop safer, more comfortable and easier-to-access homes for everyone, LHA issues builders with certifications for new homes against various design guidelines. Being accredited by the LHA means the home is accessible not just today but is also cost-effective to adapt as life’s circumstances change.

In Australia, we have a fast-growing ageing population transitioning through different stages of life. When it comes to house hunting, buyers must be prepared. It’s not enough to only think about the requirements and circumstances without considering the future.

Thanks to the design guidelines set out by the LHA, builders and architects can construct safer homes that promote better mobility for everybody.

“At Worthington Homes, we can help guide those discussions as part of the planning and drafting process,” Liam states.

Dwellings can vary greatly, which is why there are three levels of performance: silver, gold and platinum. High levels of physical access and enhanced provision for people with an impairment are included in a list of 15 standard criteria outlined by the LHA.

Livable Housing Australia | Worthington Homes

Worthington Homes have been awarded provisional Gold Level by LHA for the Hunter 35 design.


Where can I see this innovative design?

Construction plans for the Hunter 35 are currently underway. This innovative design will soon be available for viewing at our Display Home in Box Hill. Having achieved Gold Level status by the LHA, you’ll be able to experience in-person how a new home can be constructed with an accessible design.

While you may currently have a growing family, intergenerational living is becoming more common among households in Sydney. Therefore, it makes sense to plan ahead and consider how you can design a home that accommodates not just you but any elderly or disabled residents.

With many brand new master planned estates being established in greater Sydney, there’s plenty of scope to design a house that’s perfect for all ages and stages. Talk to us about your needs today by calling 1300 30 11 38.

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