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Released to market is James Hardie EasyTex for residential, knockdown rebuilds and medium-density external wall applications wanting a modern render look.


Clean lines, mixed materials and contemporary structures. These are the hallmarks of the modern house façade design that is booming in popularity among home owners, builders and buyers. Today, customers are looking for a mix of façade materials that complement their open plan layout while offering a unique look and feel compared to neighbouring houses.

The house façade is the first thing that people see, therefore, the external design needs to feature finishes and textures that make a lasting impression. Most residents want the ‘wow’ factor when rebuilding, renovating or constructing a new home, however, they also want a timeless design that is coherent throughout changes in trends.

On trend are homeowners pushing the boundaries more by experimenting with different materials such as timber, brick, concrete, cladding and even steel. However, one finish that will always be visually striking and never lose its appeal is rendering. Featured on virtually every house façade in new housing development, rendering achieves a modern look that attracts buyers and renters alike.


Rendering has seen a significant uplift in new home design and build

“There is a strong trend towards the modern render look on new home designs,” explains James Hardie NSW representative, Natalie Jarrah. “Today’s home buyers and renovators prefer the simple, calming, clean lines of a modern, light and airy open plan home over the traditional brick home.”

Added to the trend towards modern, boxy houses is the use of neutral earthy tones such as grey, sand, beige and brown. Brighter accents of colour are often added in the brickwork, panelling or smaller external features, but primarily, the appearance of rendering achieves the modern look residents are hoping to achieve.

While we can all agree that rendering looks stunning, it can come with its own challenges for both builder and buyer.

“Rendering is notorious for being messy and time-consuming,” says Liam Worthington, Managing Director of Worthington Homes. “When you consider the cost of labour, scaffolding, paint and raw material, it can really add up.”


Introducing the latest innovation for a modern render look

On the edge of innovation is James Hardie’s latest product, EasyTex panel, made from fibre cement but offering the same benefits of James Hardie’s external cladding. Recently released to market for both retail and trade, EasyTex is quick to install, highly durable and eliminates the need for expensive coatings.

Each modern panel provides a consistent render look without requiring any wet trades while being resistant to fire, joint cracking and lime stains. How is it installed? Each panel is easily joined into place, minimising the amount of labour required and therefore reducing the overall cost of the new home build.

Liam concludes, “We are really excited to partner with James Hardie using their EasyTex product in our home designs. This is a great product that will save time and cost, which also benefits our clients. We can build a new home featuring a stunning modern façade but at a fraction of the cost of traditional rendering.”

We can build you a home with a modern render look using James Hardie EasyTex, call 1300 30 11 38 or send us an enquiry for more information. You can also read more about James Hardie EasyTex on their website.

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