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Market leader in benchtop and cabinetry, Polytec, has just released a new palette of colours for their timber, solid and stone range.


To be consistent with their objective towards sustainable manufacturing, the new botanical-inspired colours match the natural environment with tones of grey, green, ash and even charcoal being added to the current palette of selections.

Surface finish is a significant consideration of joinery design. The new smooth finish is made to reflect a soft, painted finish with easy maintenance. Smooth is luminescent and complements timbers and stones perfectly, further enhancing the connection to nature.

In residential building, both builders and consumers are looking for simple yet stylish design that mimics elements of nature. Today, people are wanting to connect with the natural environment by implementing neutral textures and finishes into their homes.

The latest Polytec colour release is inspired by ‘biophilia design’, which aims to connect people to nature and its physical elements to inspire feelings of wellness, warmth and calm. Timber tones and structures are also a staple in many kitchen and bathroom designs, in particular oak and walnut. What was once considered exclusively Scandinavian in design is now mainstream in new homes all over Sydney.

“When designing a new home, we can blend timber cabinetry and stone surfaces to make any room look stunning but also simplistic,” says Managing Director, Liam Worthington. “The familiar neutrals of whites, greys and blacks are still popular, with a movement towards colour-infused neutrals of soft greens, off-whites and verdant hues. Using polytec materials, we provide a superior finish, raising the benchmark for residential projects at an affordable price.”


Block colours on smooth surfaces are on-trend for 2021

High gloss, abstract design and bold colours was once on-trend for decorative board and laminate. Today, however, matt surfaces in neutral colours are rising in popularity with new home designs featuring a more natural palette using earthy hues.

Customers demand joinery to be low maintenance, durable and practical while giving a premium look and feel. To meet this need, Polytec introduced matt laminates that are fingerprint, smudge and scuff resistant. Effectively being free from marks while smooth to touch, matt solid colour surfaces look contemporary and almost brand-new all the time.

Mixing timber and solid colours can also add an appealing aesthetic to the new home. The new range of Polytec timber prints blend traditional timber finishes with new neutral coloured tones to enable mixing and matching of more than one timber colour. This gives a realistic and rustic look to the finished design, closely mimicking natural solid oak, coloured timber, bold ply and warm timber tones.


Responsible manufacturing from forest to factory floor

From new home builders to designers, architects and consumers, responsible production is a priority. Sustainability is central to the way Polytec runs their supply chain whether material is locally made or globally sourced.

To foster an eco-friendly operation, Polytec manufactures its products from managed and renewable plantation pine with some wood materials also certified as Responsible Wood. Waste management, energy efficiency and carbon reduction are all closely monitored from forest to factory floor.

At their manufacturing facility in Charmhaven NSW, Polytec have installed solar panels to help reduce carbon emissions that would be otherwise generated from the grid. The overall greenhouse gas reduction is equivalent to 1,576,800 kg of CO2 per year, making it the largest renewable energy solar system on the Central Coast.

Read about the stunning new colour range by Polytec or call 1300 300 547 for more information. You can also drop into our Selection Studio & Showroom at our Castle Hill office to pick out your new home selections for your dream kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

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