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When it comes to modern luxury acreage home designs, there is plenty to choose from. While others may be satisfied with a duplex or a double-storey build, if you have a large plot of land an acreage home design is ideal. Home designs for acreage homes deliver plenty of space, and incredible layouts, and are an excellent way to use large plots of land. You build a sprawling home and still have plenty of space for outdoor fun.

What is an Acreage Home?

An acreage home design is a residential dwelling built on a plot of land that is larger than average. It affords a large space to build on, privacy, diverse options for architectural styles, outdoor recreation space, and plenty of flexibility. 

How to Choose an Acreage Home Design? 

The first step? Consider the needs of your household. How many bedrooms will you need? What size would you like each of them to be? How would you like them to be laid out throughout the home? What about bathrooms? 

Think about the architectural style you prefer and how that translates to an acreage home design, if at all. 

One of the major benefits of an acreage home is the indoor-outdoor connection. If you enjoy the outdoors, that’s something you can weave into the design of the home to incorporate it as much as possible. With a large plot of land, you potentially have expansion opportunities, keep them in mind as you design the layout. 

How Much Does it Cost to Build an Acreage Home? 

The costs to build an acreage home vary, they depend on location, materials, size, site preparation, utilities, infrastructure, design, customisation, land costs, builder’s fees, and permit costs. No project is the same, so the only way to get an accurate picture of potential costs is to speak to a reputable acreage home builder who can provide you with a quote. 

In terms of location, land costs and building costs differ. So, luxury acreage home designs in Victoria will differ from luxury acreage home designs in Queensland, which will differ from luxury acreage home designs in New South Whales. 

Steps to Build Your Acreage Home Design



Site analysis and preparation are required to understand the property’s soil conditions and topography. This will influence the design decisions and the build, so a land planner or surveyor should be involved. The land needs to be cleared and prepared for building. So, remember to include this in your budget. 


You can work with an architect or a home builder to design and plan your layout. You will want to consider your needs, the orientation, layout, and energy efficiency. It’s important to know what you need now and potentially in the future; it could mean the difference between building a compact Tyndall, a sizeable Cordeux, or a sprawling Wellington

This will also be the stage to obtain any necessary authority. 

Choosing a Builder 

If you didn’t enlist a home builder in the last step, now is the time to choose a reputable company that can provide a clear contract with payment schedules, timelines, and the scope of work being undertaken. 


Now construction can begin! Bear in mind, that the timeline can be impacted by extreme temperatures and weather changes. 

Move In 

Once construction is complete, there will be a final inspection to ensure everything has been completed to the specifications you agreed. When the paperwork is complete, you can have the utilities connected and move in.

Benefits Of Living In An Acreage Home 


With so much land, an acreage home delivers on privacy, and with that privacy comes a sense of calm you won’t get anywhere else. Your neighbours don’t live as close, so you feel secluded, even if you’re not in a rural location. 

The Great Outdoors 

With a large plot of land, even with an acreage home, there’s still plenty left over to enjoy nature. You can create a personalised space outdoors to enjoy all your favourite activities, whether it’s an outdoor kitchen, an Olympic-sized swimming pool or a playground. Or, maybe you want to create a stunning garden. 


With so much space, you have more flexibility in every way, from the design of your home to the landscaping choices to how you incorporate the outside-in. You also have plenty of flexibility in how you use your outdoor space. 

Room To Expand 

There’s always room to expand when you choose to build an acreage home – you have the freedom to create new space outdoors, expand on the existing property or add extra structures. 

The Great Escape 

Whether you’ve gone rural or not, acreage home living provides you with an escape from the chaos. You can retreat to your own space and enjoy scenic views and natural beauty. Whatever your surroundings, you can orient your home layout to secure the best views in town. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the common mistakes in choosing acreage home designs?

A. Some of the common mistakes include failure to factor in future needs, ignoring the topography of the site, and underestimating costs. This could lead to issues like inadequate space for expansion, construction difficulties due to the land’s shape or gradient, and budget overruns.

Q. How do I find the perfect acreage home design?

A. Determine your needs and use that information as a guideline for choosing the right acreage house plan. Consider factors like the size of your family, lifestyle, and future plans. Also, consult with an architect or designer who can guide you based on their experience and expertise.

Q. What are the 4 characteristics needed to consider in designing the house?

A. You need to think about functionality, comfort/style, liveability, and functionality – those are the four keys to finding the best acreage home designs in Australia. Functionality refers to how well the home serves its purpose, comfort/style relates to aesthetics and personal preference, liveability entails the home’s comfort and efficiency, and sustainability means considering eco-friendly options.

Final Thoughts 

If you’re thinking about finding modern acreage home designs to build on your land Worthington Homes has plenty of designs to choose from. An acreage home is an excellent way to utilise large plots of land while maximising space and benefitting from outdoor space.

Whether you’re thinking about a modern look, a traditional feel, or prefer floor plan luxury acreage home designs – Worthington has something to meet your budget and needs. Worthington can always custom-design a home to suit your needs or requirements.

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