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This signature Kellyville property development project consists of the custom design and build of modern townhouses with all 18 properties sold off the plan.


Ticking all the boxes when it comes to sustainability and design, ‘Townhomes on Lavender’ consists of 18 modern Torrens Title townhomes at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac. Built for families, investors or anyone looking for low maintenance living, each townhouse has 2.7m high ceilings with open plan kitchen/dining/living spaces.

Managing Director Liam Worthington says, “We ended up with 18 townhouses, each with their own distinctive feel and look. You don’t just need to build the same cookie cutter design in a development like this. You’ve got this individuality that enables the homeowner to feel like, ‘this is my home and this is my one, it’s not the same as next door.’”

Another attraction for buyers is there are no strata fees to pay simply because each property consists of both the house and land. In other words, being a Torrens Title property, the buyer becomes the sole owner of the property including the block of land.


Attractive to buy and ready to move in

Liveability, sustainability and functionality are all equally important when building a new house. But what about marketability? Liam believes that workmanship should be carried out to the highest standard so the new home is attractive to buy and ready to move in.

“It really is start-to-finish, nothing left to do,” states Liam. “You come in and there’s microwaves, dishwashers, appliances, blinds. People move in and don’t feel like they’ve got anything to do. They just move the furniture in.”

With thousands of components coming together to build a beautiful, finished product, ongoing communication is also key.

Liam says, “The quality of the project is where we add the value. What they can get with us is the personal service, the one-on-one communication that is continual, consistent and never drops off. Each project has the same importance to the client with the same amount of attention, detail and nurturing.”

Master Builders Association NSW | Worthington Homes

‘Townhomes on Lavender’ has been nominated as a finalist in the 2021 Master Builders Association Excellence in Housing Awards.


Sustainable living with a solar power system

What makes this development unique is the solar power system that reduces electricity usage, energy bill costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Solar energy outputs an average of 25 kwh/day or 9,000.00 kwh/year, which equals to an average savings of $200/month or $2500/year. Add that up over a lifetime and it is significant savings.

Without doubt, consumers are more conscious towards responsible living and sustainability. In Australia, due to extremities in weather conditions such as heat waves and drought, the cost for cooling can go up considerably. Both home owners and renters are looking at ways to save on rising energy costs by using less energy from the grid and tapping into an alternative source.

According to the Clean Energy Council, rooftop solar installations are growing exponentially. In 2019, 287,504 rooftop solar installations were counted, which was the most installs since 2012. At Worthington Homes, there are strict guidelines to follow when it comes to the entire building process, however, when it comes to renewable energy, it is always an option for the client.

“It was always really import for us to have an efficient solar system that was cost efficient for the homeowners,” Liam says. “But what was also important was having something that was future-proof. There’s a Samsung tablet in the kitchen so all your intercoms and home automation goes through there to control your air conditioning, check your solar usage or if you want to look at the app on your phone or on your tablet.”


Real estate in the Hills District shows no signs of slowing down

North west Sydney once considered ‘the sticks’ only a decade ago is now a thriving community close to major highways, business districts and shopping precincts. With the completed Metro subway whizzing residents to Epping, North Sydney and beyond, it would be fair to assume that housing growth has hit its peak.

However, despite a year of economic uncertainty, construction is business as usual while the State Government continues to inject billions of dollars into local infrastructure. Residential construction is still booming as both major and boutique developments are popping up across pockets of the popular Hills District.

The proof, however, is in the sale of all 18 townhomes, which have been pre-sold prior to completion. With property selling hot off the market in such a lucrative location, it’s no wonder these beautiful designer homes have been snapped up so quickly.

To learn more about our custom multi dwelling houses, call 1300 30 11 38 or send us an enquiry.

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