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In this article, our very own Managing Director, Liam Worthington gives an overview of the future state of new home and land packages in Sydney.


As a licensed real estate agent, Liam brings a wealth of knowledge to the property sector, gained from extensive experience working with property developers in not only building but selling off the plan.

Also known as the proprietor of a home building company, Worthington Homes, Liam shares his expert opinion on new home and land packages in Sydney.

“In NSW, master planned developments are hugely popular, particularly around large pocket areas of growth such as north west and south west Sydney,” Liam states.

“In Schofields, the Akuna Vista estate developed by Defence Housing Australia (DHA) is a highly lucrative location. Officially located in Nirimba Fields, a brand new suburb within the Schofields catchment, land in Akuna Vista ranges from 270-412m² in size, registering in late 2021 and thereafter.”

“On the other side of the Norwest corridor is Box Hill, which is an entirely new growth area considered part of the affluent Hills District. Developments such as the Paramount Estate and the Hills of Carmel make land in Box Hill extra attractive for growing families and investors alike.”

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Wilton Greens will be one of Sydney’s fastest-growing communities

Liam shares insights into major development within the south western region, which is experiencing a significant stage of growth.

“Down south, there’s the greatly anticipated Wilton Greens estate, which is a unique master planned community made up of 433 hectares of land. With 3600 parcels of land being prepared for residential construction, this major development spearheaded by Risland Australia will be one of Sydney’s fastest-growing communities.”

“In Menangle Park, there are more than 4000 blocks of land starting from 300m², also connected to major established towns such as Campbelltown, Liverpool and Macarthur. With the population growth anticipated to reach 800,000 over the next 25 years, the council has released a bold vision to accommodate growth in this region.”

New Home and Land Packages in Sydney | Worthington Homes


What does this mean for potential buyers of home and land packages?

Though Sydney has been dealt its fair share of challenges this year, the future looks bright. Despite temporary shutdowns and restrictions in movement due to the COVID-19 lockdown, there’s still plenty of opportunity for securing house and land.

“Civil works and construction are currently underway in some estates while others are releasing land parcels in stages. The development pipeline greatly varies, so this cycle of land preparation and release will continue for a while.”

Currently, land in Sydney is in high demand – so promptly jumping on opportunities to buy house and land is highly encouraged.

Liam adds, “Furthermore, the value of land is increasing commensurate with high demand. Acquiring residential land is incredibly competitive and as a result, residents are moving to neighbouring areas further out west and south for home and land packages in Sydney.”

“South western and north western regions are hot pockets right now. With the increasing rate of growth, we’re confident there will be more development opportunities in the pipeline for growing families in the decades to come.”

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Snippets from this article were originally featured in The Urban Developer – read the full article New Developments Explode Across Sydney’s Fringe.

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