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COVID-19 Safety Plan | Worthington Homes

Our COVID-19 Safety Plan to keep staff, contractors and clients safe

Continuity in the construction industry is critical for the state economy as well as hundreds of thousands of business owners, contractors, workers and employees relying on its successful running.   As you may already be aware, the Master Builders Association of New South Wales and the Housing Industry Association have been working hard to advocate…

First Home Buyers Grant | Worthington Homes

First Home Buyers Grant: what does it all mean?


In this blog, we outline what the First Home Buyers Grant is and what it means for you.   You may have plowed through a plethora of information to find out more about the First Home Buyers Grant. With both State and Commonwealth Governments introducing new schemes while making old ones obsolete every few months,…

Sydney Home Builder | Worthington Homes

How to find a trustworthy Sydney home builder

If you’re on the hunt for a Sydney home builder, it can be challenging to find a trustworthy one.   At Worthington Homes, we hear all kinds of stories about optimistic buyers getting caught out by Sydney home builders. Not to mention, the scrutiny the residential construction industry has been under for ‘shoddy’ work, receiving…