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If you’re looking into having a custom-built home, then you may have questions about the style and layout that’s right for you. A single-story home is a popular option for many reasons, and it’s worth considering the various single storey house plans there are to choose from. 

What is a Single Story Homes? 

A single-story home is a residential dwelling that is constructed on a single level. There are no stairs or upper levels to the structure.

Why Should You Build a Single Story Home?

Single-story homes are family-friendly layouts that provide comfort and accessibility. They are energy efficient, ideal for aging in place, and deliver on layout flexibility. Maintenance is also simpler as there’s no need for specialist equipment to access all areas of the home. It’s a cost-effective way to custom-build a home and is a popular style, which is great for resale value. 

Things to Consider Before Building a Single Story Homes? 

The budget is a big consideration before settling on whether you want a single-story or double-story home. A single-story is slightly cheaper as there are additional engineering factors and permits to consider when building up. 

If you have a growing family, you might prefer building up. If you are shifting gears into the empty-nester stage and you’re thinking long-term, a single-story home might be the better choice. Likewise, if someone has potential mobility issues, stairs aren’t a great choice for freedom of movement. 

Can a single-story home deliver the layout of your dreams? If you’re building from scratch, you want to get precisely what you want out of it. Is the lot size suitable for the single-story layout you’re considering? If not, building up might be the only way to get the space you need. If there’s a spectacular view you can only capture by building up, don’t be afraid to take advantage of it. 

How Much Does it Cost to Build? 

Building costs vary, whatever style of home you choose. From the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to the materials you choose, from labour costs and permits, there are numerous factors that influence the cost of building single-story homes. The first factor is the single storey home floor plan you choose. If you are building large single story homes like the Wellington, it will come at a greater cost than modern single story homes like the Tyndall. From there, the fixtures, fittings, and materials will play the biggest role in determining cost. 

Pros of Building a Single Story Home Design? 


Single-story houses are more accessible, which means they are more suitable for someone who mobility issues. They’re also great for people who struggle with stairs or just prefer not to have them. It’s also ideal for aging in place.



A single-story house is cheaper to build than a double-story home because the foundational preparation is simpler and it doesn’t have the complex engineering elements.



With your home on one level, tackling cleaning, repairs, and painting is straightforward. You don’t need to hire a professional to take care of things you’re capable of addressing or hire specialist equipment.



There is a lot of design flexibility in opting for a single story floor plan. In addition to various layouts, there are many architectural styles that can deliver your preferences and match your lifestyle.


Energy Efficiency 

A one-level home is easier to control temperature-wise, which means it can be cheaper to cool and in some cases, heat as well. It’s also better for ventilation and natural light, which can be beneficial to energy efficiency. With the right window and door layout you can maximise the benefits. 

Cons of Building a Single Story Home Design? 

Limited Space 

You may want a single-story due to costs, but if you have a smaller plot of land, you will be faced with limited space outdoors and possibly indoors as well. In those situations, a double-story design like the Achilles could be a better solution, depending on your budget. 


If you’re building a single-story in a neighbourhood of double-storey homes, then this will limit your privacy and influence the views into your outdoor spaces and home. 

Costs & Scarcity 

A single-story house is going to be cheaper than building a double-storey design like the Hamilton. However, there are land costs to consider. You will likely need a larger plot to build a single story on which could lead to higher costs in that regard. If land prices are expensive in your chosen area, that could hike the costs up considerably. There’s also the risk of limited available land where you want it and what regulations may come with the land you do want. 


You can’t just build up, which limits you to building out. If there’s enough land, that’s not an issue, but if you have limited landscape, you will likely have to move on if you need more space. So, it’s worth considering your future needs before you settle on a layout. 


While there are maintenance pros, there’s also one big maintenance con and that’s the roof. A single-story home has a larger roof, which can be an expensive issue if a problem arises.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Is a single story better than a double story? 

  1. It’s a question of preference. Modern single story homes are stunning and can provide plenty of space for growing families in the same way a double-story design can. A double-story is a great option for maximising space if you have a small lot and need to build up rather than out as you do with a house single storey design. 

Q. What are the different types of single story houses? 

  1. There are numerous styles of single story houses, including the classic Queenslander, ranch-style homes, bungalows, and modern flat-roof designs. Each style has its own unique architectural characteristics and can be customised to suit individual tastes and needs.

Q. Why are Australian houses single storey? 

  1. While there are indeed many single-storey houses in Australia, it’s not the only type of residential architecture you’ll find there. The country’s housing stock is quite diverse, reflecting its varied climate, history, and lifestyle preferences. You’ll also find plenty of two-storey homes, apartments, and townhouses in Australia’s cities and suburbs.

Final Thoughts

Is a single storey plan right for you? Think about your lifestyle, how your family operates, and how the right layout will benefit you. Worthington has some of the best single storey home designs you can dream of. Whether you’re thinking about single storey townhouses or modern single story Hampton style homes. The best way to find out is to view a display home and discuss your options with a reputable home builder who can deliver your dream home. We can always custom design with our inhouse architectural team if one of our standard home designs does not suit.

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